Foxie Roxie

I walk past Roxie every evening as I  make my way home through Garratt Lane. For the first few months of living in Earlsfield I would walk pass and glance in, always thinking “you know that does looks good” but never actually put it on my “to do list” (yes I do have one) until it was recommended by someone as “really good”. So of course… What does one do? Arrange a dinner there of course and WOW did it live up to expectations….and more!

Roxie sums up their service....

For me, Roxie is one of those places that you go to over and over again and it just gets better and better each time! This weekend, I managed to twist the arm of one of my friend’s who is currently living the North London lifestyle, by dangling Roxie in her face (well through text) and of course she jumped at the idea! (She’s a foodie too). I just LOVE it when a plan falls into place so easily (punches the air)

Ok, ok… so it’s now been the 4th time I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Roxie’s and it definitely won’t be the last but I’ll just give you a quick run down of our dining experience this Saturday just gone by! You’ve heard of Hawksmoor and Gaucho right?… Great steak places they say? Expensive steak places I say… now I am not name dropping here but yes, I have been to both of these steak places and when you put price and quality on the table ROXIE wins hands down… there is just no comparison! (sorry H&G)

I’ve always gone for the fillet standard (Roxie’s favorite apparently) which comes in at £13.95. I went for RARE (oooohh sooo goood) and Roxie gets it right every time. I can be quite fussy when it comes to my steak (not medium rare but rare is the only way for me!) so it’s good when you know they know how to cook your steak jusssstttt the way you like 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 The steaks are served with a side salad and then sides/sauces are optional extras. This time I opted for the Bearnaise sauce (£2.25.) and for a side of green beans (£3.25.) Excluding drinks this is a total of £19.45 for an outstanding steak in Earlsfield (right on your door step….. what more could you ask for?)

Now, although you may think I am being biased here (and I kind of am because I do love it) I am not the only one who thinks that Roxie is the “place to be seen” because I dare you to walk in there “off the street” especially  on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday and guaranteed that you will be turned away…… this is not because they want to but usually the place is fully booked out. So I  would recommend giving them a shout a few days before (or like me, call in on your way home from work)They offer slots of 1.5 hours, which is plenty of time to accommodate for your food (which is speedy) and drinks (which are also speedy).

I am not too sure about the next statement I am about to make, but I reckon the new branch of Roxie opened up in Putney about 2months ago (it could be more, but you know how fast this year is going already, it is just too hard to keep track of). I haven’t eaten there YET but I have walked past and peeked in – it appears to offer more space with a long table in the middle of the floor plan.

How lucky are Put-onians to be exposed to a bit of #EarlsfieldLiving right?

If you haven’t been to Roxie yet, get on it……. Even if it is to try and prove me wrong, but I guarantee you will be a happy camper leaving.

Until next week……



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