Hello Earlsfield

So after many Instagram posts and Facebook check-ins I have finally made that jump into the blogging world.
I can tell you right now that any of my friends reading this are finally letting out a big sigh of relief and thinking  “Finally – No more #EarlsfieldLiving posts”

Do I have that “I love Earlsfield” mug?

No……not yet.

(Que the face palm)

But come on,  it’s not a bad thing to know what little gems Earlsfield has to offer and it just seems to be expanding everyday.

So here  I am just about to press the “publish” button and embark on my earliegirl adventures of the high street..

Lets see what we can find 🙂




3 thoughts on “Hello Earlsfield

  1. I’m your new biggest fan — absolutely love your storytelling, and your photo snaps, and your insider scoop on the glamorous #Earlsfieldliving x

  2. Ah, I am so glad there is a blog dedicated to my beloved Earls Vegas! Cannot wait for your future posts 🙂 E x

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