The Putney way, Roxie

As per previous blogpost “Foxie Roxie”, I mentioned the following
I am not too sure about the next statement I am about to make, but I reckon the new branch of Roxie opened up in Putney about 2months ago (it could be more, but you know how fast this year is going already, it is just too hard to keep track of). I haven’t eaten there YET but I have walked past and peeked in – it appears to offer more space with a long table in the middle of the floor plan.

It was a last minute “hey, we’re going for dinner in Roxie and we booked you a place” – I mean how could I say no even though I had had an early dinner as my lunch so couldn’t go the full hog and get my usual fillet standard.
I opted for the Thai beef salad (starter) @ £5.95. Kissing lips like the Italians, it was good (again rare, how I like it). I also got to try a bit of my Putonian friends ribeye (medium) which tasted delicious, it’s definitely on my to-try list for the next time!


Definitely had a lovely vibe in the place, a lot more open and spacious but one thing, the Putney branch does not offer creamed spinach (is this the differentiator between the two then?) and plus my heart does lie in #Earlsfield with only a 2 minute walk down the road from me. #EarlsfieldLiving.


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