Ben’s Canteen, the taste test…

The sun came out yesterday, hooray… I even managed to get a little burnt (awkward). Anyway MVA came down from East London to try out the food and coffee at Ben’s Canteen which I’ve been saying I would try out since it’s opening night on the 15th May. I think I may have (definitely have) been going on about how great Earlsfield is over the last few weeks (blog hype) and somehow I’ve unintentionally achieved non-resident excitement and buzz for the place- go team #EarlsfieldLiving!

So, It’s time for the food test, I’ve been building this up in my head for the last couple of weeks and so here we go!! When we got there we just managed to grab the last “table for two” near the window which was amazing because we got the rays of the sun coming in on top of us and also allowed us to participate in some people-watching! We noticed that after us parties from 2 up to 10 were being turned away because it was just busy busy busy! Seeing as it was Bank Holiday Sunday we said we would indulge in the auld Bloody Mary’s (with alcohol of course) coming in at £8 and we decided to brave it and go with medium spice- they were delicious, and I’ll let you in on a little secret I don’t actually usually like Bloody Mary’s so well done Ben’s Canteen!

I was feeling cheeky and instead of the usual Eggs Benedict type dish I would lean towards I had a massive craving for pancakes so opted for the banana pancakes (£7) with maple syrup (50p), MVA went for the Veggie Breakfast



As you can see from the photo, I finished everything on my plate- oh my it was oh soooooo scrumptious! Afterwards we just sat chatting for a couple of hours over some coffee (applicable to the coffee-mania challenge) and I got the same vibe from the opening night in the sense that it’s so relaxing, you can just sit and ponder or gossip over G&T’s … It just ticks all the right boxes for me and what made the experience even better was the fact that our waiter was super friendly and lit the place up with his energy!

So my final verdict, APPROVED by Earlie-Girl and will be definitely going back to try out the “Eggs Pig Out” I want, I want, I want

Until next week…


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