Thai will be full..

Now I’ve only been in Earlsfield for a little under a year, however I do know that Amaranth (which translates to an imaginary flower that never fades) has been around for a number of years with a great reputation for good food and good prices. It under went a renovation about 9months ago to extend the restaurant into an adjoining building and voila more space to fit all of us earlies in! Before the transformation it was a cosy little restaurant (cafe sized) with a BYOB license and there was no such thing as walking in, it was always jammers so booking a table was essential!
Actually when I say cafe sized, it wasn’t as it had a basement of seating too but it just had that feel to it.

Since the make-over there is no longer BYOB having acquired a wine license.. which we don’t mind too much when the food is so good. Having travelled around South East Asia 3 years ago I expanded my taste buds to fancy a little Thai spice, especially in a good auld papaya salad.. So OBVIOUSLY I had to try this out with my friend who i went travelling with and it was Nom Nom Nom, Nommmmy!


I have been there a few times now and to date I haven’t experienced a bad meal….and worryingly for me I’m moving very close to here in less than a month so I bet I’ll be down there every week for the Monday special (LOL)

The last time I ate here was with my Earlie buddy last week and we said we would go all out and get the supreme starter to share, it was so good having a combination of dim sum, chicken satay, prawn tempura, duck spring rolls and prawn skewers..They even do these cute little flower arrangements made from carrot served with some of the dishes. It’s always about that extra little touch.


For the main courses we indulged in a chicken drunken noodles (that was mine, the drunken part sounded fun to me) and a chicken massaman curry for my friend



Just in case anyone is wondering I didn’t get intoxicated from my drunken noodles, however it was quite spicy nommmmmm! On my previous visit I had opted for the seafood laksa (see below) which I definitely will have to try again because like in it’s name of amaranth, it’s the taste that never fades…


If you haven’t been there, then GO! And what makes it better is you can always pop down to the Wandle for a quick drink after (literally about 15 steps away) In terms of price you are talking roughly £20 per head including starter, main course and drink which is great value for money… And I promise Thai (thou) will be full!


Earlsfield Deli-cious Coffee

Having published my previous blog post on coffee mania from the Earlsfield high street I thought that I was finally all coffee’d out but ohhhh no, that didn’t seem to be the case because a few days later I received a message from the owner of Earlsfield Deli inviting me down to try out some of their coffee styles from Nude Expresso so last Thursday I popped in on my way home from work and met John, a self proclaimed coffee geek.


So here’s me thinking I know about coffee, I totally don’t, well I didn’t, I kind of do now thanks to John sharing his knowledge with me.


So with the classic expresso shot (East) for example which is used in the deli for the expresso base for all coffees the shots are weighed out to be about 16g (I could have totally made this up) which gets the most out of the flavour and the process goes as follows:

1. Rinse the portafilter and fill up with ground coffee bean from machine
2. Press the coffee down using a tamper and remove any excess from the edges using a brush
3. Under the the range it goes for dispensing.

John explained that coffee is brewed best from machine when water is 90degrees.. And did you know…. When the expresso is poured, technically it starts to break after 30 seconds.

We also looked at making flat whites and cappuccinos and I learned that with heating milk you should never heat over 65degrees and it shouldn’t be foamy foamy, it should be silky, this type of process is called micro-foam.




These coffee art styles are known as the tulip and when making the cappuccino you put the chocolate in before the milk which flavours it much better (gooooood idea) and finally here’s my shoddy attempt at a flat white (I’m still giggling at how bad it is)


It was a really insightful lesson, not only did I learn about the difference between a good coffee bean and a not so good coffee bean (again everyone has different preferences) but also I was introduced to a new way of drinking coffee (and ideal for summer months..Mmmm refreshing)


For all those coffee addicts out there, it’s like this… You’re craving a coffee (all those late nights taking advantage of the beer gardens) but it’s just too humid for that flat white…well then let’s have a little chat (overheard on the highstreet) V60 a Japanese manufactured product is coming at you with a bang and while we have been lucky with the weather you might want to take a look. So, similar to the Japanese style of making tea but for coffee, the apparatus (who knew coffee was so scientific) allows the aromas to intensify through the filter paper.


It comes out nearly looking like tea (and if you haven’t seen it go through the process) then you may not appreciate it but WOW does it taste good. I was actually so surprised at how refreshing it was, it went from yes this is a coffee taste to what’s that? Jasmine…

Firstly we tried V60 specific nude blends of Ethopia Wote and Brazil Chapadao De Ferro which gave flavours of Jasmine, tea rose and lemon for the Wote blend and an almost caramel flavour from the Chapadao De Ferro blend. I have to admit I preferred the Wote but that’s only because I am a fan of Jasmine tea and so combining it with coffee is just unreal. Who knew hey?

We did all the coffee tasting of Nude Expresso with a comparison blend of LaVassa coffee and I’m sorry LaVassa, Nude Expresso won hands down. I can appreciate though that everyone has different taste buds and some people prefer a bitter taste and others a smooth taste so always going to be difference in opinions based of preference.


I think now I can say I am all coffee’d but great coffee tasting and thanks to John for taking the time out share his knowledge with me. John mentioned that he’s looking to start pushing forward and plans on introducing coffee tasting classes in Earlsfield Deli so if you have an interest in learning more about the blends I would highly recommend…. It’s something different anyway!

Until next time..