Say Who? Say What? … The Earlsfield

The new kids on the block have arrived and damaging for me………. Wait for it…. they are located right across the street from me. (Will power to stay away from the pinot grigio has completely gone out the window, literally) Anyway, The Earlsfield opened up to the lovely public on Wednesday, 17th September after months of rumors, humming and hawwing and just the standard living of Earlsfield curiosity. What’s more exciting  is that they are run by Cattle Grid owners. SCORE. JOB. WOOHOO.
I was fully certain that I would not be tempted to pop over before I headed away on my holidays (today) but OH NO,  the first night of opening up to the public and at around 10pm I practically jumped out of my window…. That would have been a funny sight! I just couldn’t resist it any longer and darted over with a friend for a nose and obviously a glass of wine. Sure it was Wine Wednesday after all. And how glad I am I went as I was super impressed.. I hope nobody noticed but I was wandering around like a little kid in Hamleys! I love the fact that it has 3 dimensions to the whole earlsfield experience – So in my opinion,  we’ve got the Quiet zone, (calm neutral colours), the Happening  zone (main bar, lots of space, good view of the kitchen) and the Travelling zone (which connects on to view of Earlsfield railway station and is the main eating area).

It was lovely taking in all the surroundings and the bar staff seemed nice and friendly….. Ok, Book us a table for the following night then :). We had a birds eye view of the kitchen and the food that was coming out just looked absolutely mouth watering.

Fast forward 24 hours and I am back in same place… treating myself to.. What was that?..another glass of Pinot Grigio (Oh screw it, I am nearly on my holidays) and this time we are indulging the food menu too. OH MY DELICIOUSLY GOD……….Ok so here is what we had between 3 of us:
Starter: Vegetable Samosa

Main Courses: Tuna Nicoise, Crispy 5 spice belly of lamb (both salads) and half rack of ribs




Desserts: Sticky Toffee Pudding and Spit roasted caramelised pineapple pavlova 
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Seriously, I hadnt been this food happy in months – it was absolutely scrumptious! Even on their second night of service, it was pretty
much flawless, you can tell there is a system already in place. Staff were lovely and atmostphere was so relaxing and I have to admit, pretty reasonable prices for top quality food with a twist! We stayed until close as the atmosphere was so relaxing and we were nattering away! I am definitely coming back to celebrate my very late birthday…Any excuse eh?
But for now, I’ve got to catch a flight, off to the station.. Which way Earlie~Girl?