Brick & Liquor

  • I was back in London for the weekend and decided to check out some of the locals of around I used to live. So on the Friday myself and a couple of friends headed down to brick and liquor in Tooting Broadway (about a 2 min walk from the tube station). There is also another B&L in Clapham!
  • Walking in, I liked the vibes of the decor.. (picture you see is not my own, but just so you can get an idea)
  • See it’s cool isn’t it? So when writing posts/ Instagram photos I don’t like posting negative therefore don’t publish things where I haven’t really enjoyed however for brick and liquor the food and drinks were top notch, but it was kind of dampened (not ruined) by what I can only imagine was a new member of waiting staff because he was god damn awful, very scatty and not the most approachable! So, if that can be rectified then all good..
  • Cocktails were unique and fun with an almost famous glitter cocktail (Wow)
  • Plenty of those consumed along with the salted caramel expresso martini
  • As there was a group of us we just decided we would get some sharing bits so we went for the arancini and a large sharing board which combined of focaccia, pork belly bites, chicken tenders, chicken skewers, ribs and some nicey nice sauces.
  • Chorizo & Mozzarella Arancini (£11) – Hand crumbed risotto croquettes stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo served with white truffle mayo
  • Spinach & Ricotta Arancini (£11) – Hand crumbed risotto croquettes stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and spinach served with white truffle mayo
  • The sharing platter is NOT FOR VEGANS, unless you are ok with focaccia 🤣☺️😉 however they do also have a veggie platter on the menu so fear not!
  • The carnivore platter (large is £38)
  • Teriyaki steak skewers, chicken skewers, pork belly bites, bbq ribs, and roasted focaccia served with brick and liquor dips!
  • So verdict is, great cocktails, and great food which between 5 of us came to £35 per head which included the service tip (although I didn’t think tip was deserved). Cocktails are around £9 each. Will definitely go back again though, and I see there’s a brunch menu on offer so would be cool to see how that goes.
  • ~EarlieGirl
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