Ali’s Kitchen in da houseeee

Last weekend I was down in cork, lots going on with words by water literary festival in Kinsale and my dads book signing in Waterstones as part of the “books are my bag” day.

Digressing a bit there, sorry, back to FOOD! So as I said I would go up and help dad out at the book signing, I arranged to meet a friend for brunch beforehand who I hadn’t seen in ages so a good catch up session was required (obvs). I had a quick look online to see if anything new I hadn’t seen before and saw Ali’s Kitchen pop up as one of the “best brunch spots in cork” so that was a decision made.

We made our way over and that’s when I saw the queue waiting outside (ding ding, always a good sign). I went in and enquired about a table which was going to be about 45 mins which was fine because there was a market nearby so we strolled over that way first and headed into a few shops to pass the time. When we got back, our table was ready and I for one, soaked up the atmosphere.

They had a specials board and so we both went for items from the specials including:

Corn and Jalepeno fritters with mozarella, poached eggs, pickled veggies and harissa (€13)

French toast with a caramel pear, spiced maple mascarpone and pecan crumble (€10) As a coffee fan, I also got myself a skinny cappuccino. Lately when I’m out I got for the skinny cappuccino, my usual is the Americano with skimmed hot milk, but sure I’m fancying myself a bit more these days.

Overall, good vibes from this place, even though the place was hopping, the staff were friendly and efficient and the food was great. Definitely recommend for anyone passing through Cork, or for any locals who haven’t tried this out yet.


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