Ben’s Canteen opens in Earlsfield

It’s opened… Ben’s Canteen finally made its debut on Thursday, 15th of May in Earlsfield and BOYYY were they lucky with the good weather! They were definitely able to make the most of their bay windows at the front which open up onto the street so you can take part in the “people watching of Earlsfield”

Bens Canteen

I managed to get out of work a little earlier than usual so I could make this grandeeeee opening. (Always one for trying out new stuff so I am) However, I was a little confused when I got there as usually opening evenings are very much promotional and although the website said “FIRST 100 HAPPY HOUR GUESTS ENJOY A FREE DRINK ON US”, I don’t know if this applied. (I was there just before 6 pm and I reckon I was in the first 100, but hey you never know…. it is London after all)

Anyway, first night, first night…….I am not here as a critic just as a blogger who is sharing an experience. As I was saying, I arrived just before 6 pm and after a bit of confusion I asked could I sit somewhere… I managed to get a table in the front and ordered a drink while I was waiting for my housemate to join… I indulged in a T&T (Tanqueray & Tonic). Those who know me will be thinking “Yup, give her a gin and she’ll be happy”

T&T photo 4 photo 3 photo 1

I took a little wander down the back which was a surprise because I genuinely thought Ben’s Canteen was as big as the front of house – I was amazed at how big it is. The decor is so relaxing (It reminds me of a cafe that I used to work at in Ireland) and it just has this nice vibe to it.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been to Ben’s Canteen in st. Johns Hill so everything about Ben’s Canteen is all a new experience for me….and I’m not going to lie again…. I didn’t actually taste anything on the menu (I am leaving that for another day)………butttttttt DAMN they do a good gin!!!!!! A DAMN gooood gin!!

At first glance, priced at £8 you are thinking … is this a little overpriced for a G&T? – Until you actually taste it and the gin goes bingbangbong in your head.. (not short on the measure is all I am saying). As I enjoyed my T&T  by the window (I managed to grab a window seat when a couple left), I began my very own “people watching of Earlsfield.”

Everyone walking past, even from the other side of the road were glancing over – what’s going on over there? Some even stopping to take pictures… Ben’s Canteen popular already or what? It helps that they have an established place open in another popular area so it looks like its all paying off!

What I found most enjoyable about this place was that even though I was on my own for a little under an hour, I really enjoyed the atmosphere – it was a nice moment of unwinding after work with a nice strong drink in one’s hand to reflect.  You don’t get that often, I am not saying that I go drinking on my own, far from it, but in the moment where you might feel awkward, I felt most comfortable.

When my housemate joined, we took advantage of the 2-4-1 (5-7pm) offer and went for the SW11 Collins which was AMAZING! (I drank it so fast that I forgot to take a picture – ooopsy). Another gin based cocktail with GINGER (so refreshing and yummy, I can still taste it). We relaxed and gossiped for another 1 hour or so and then we decided to call it an evening. Look at how we received our bill, I thought it was a nice touch… always the simple things in life..


I will be back though, to a) try out the menu and b) try out the americano as part of one of my upcoming blogs – CoffeeMania. I think on the first night there is always an added pressure.. so not making up mind just yet…… Check out the website to find out more on what Ben’s Canteen has to offer but from what I know it’s 2-4-1 every evening from 5-7pm with Tuesday as an exception (it’s all night) and then you can try out the early bird special offer which runs from 5-7 pm too consisting of 2 courses and a drink for £15. That’s sounds like another reason to go, who’s coming with?

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