Oh, Take me to the Chicken Shop….

Wow can’t believe it’s been a month since my last #EarlsfieldLiving blog post.. I have to admit though I haven’t been out of the blogging world completely though as I have been doing the NaBloPoMo during the month of November (National Blog Posting Month)
Anyway enough about that, time to move on and tell ya’ll about some chick chick chicken!
About 2 weeks ago I was reading Timeout and Tooting was featured, mainly the Broadway as this seems to be the new up and coming area.. and it highlighted a few of the key favourites, The Castle, Apollo Banana Leaf, Tram and Social…..and hang on wait a minute… Chicken Shop… what’s this?

I must admit, the whole thing with chicken like Nando’s etc. has grown on me over the last year – when I first moved over 3 years ago, I was like what’s the big deal Londoners? But, I must admit, I have fallen victim to the Chicken Craze now!

So, Timeout said…..”You can pick up a classy bird for less than a tenner at the ultra-hip Chicken Shop” ….. Well ok then, if you insist!!

Brinnnnng, Brinnnnnnnnng “Guys, we are going to the Chicken Shop!”

So, I went last night. We got there for 6pm (and I think this was the perfect time to arrive, if I do say so myself)… As when we were leaving at 7.20pm, The place was jointed, as in…. People waiting at the bar with drinks, people standing by the door with drinks.. and people outside, having a snakey cigarette whilst waiting! Now, you can eat at the bar, with a view of the chicken spit roasters, and the heat and atmosphere is great with a bottle of Camden Pale Ale in one’s hand!!

We only had to wait 5 minutes for a table out the back, and this was because I was waiting for my 3 other guests to arrive… once seated, we ordered pretty much straight away (The hosts were very attentive and on the ball with clearing plates and making sure we had everything we needed, but not in an “In your face” kind of way!)

From the suggestion of our host, we ordered:
2 Whole Chicken’s (£15 each)
1 side of corn on the cob (£4 each)
1 side of Butter Lettuce and Avocado Salad (£4 each)
3 sides of crinkle cut fries (£4 each)
1 side of Coleslaw (£4 each)

Now, what’s the verdict…. Genuinely… You want my honest answer?

It’s the best chicken I have ever tasted… Now that’s a statement right?

But I am serious, this chicken was just “oooohhhh sooooo goooood”, so tender and the flavour was just uhhhmmmmm hmmmmmm!! They also have accompanying sauces of BBQ and Hot Sauce, which are also so tasty!

Our total bill was just under £80 for 4 persons, including service charge and 4 alcoholic beverages! £20 each, you can’t complain!!

So, Earlsfielders, if you haven’t tried it out then get up (I recommend around the 6pm mark as highlighted earlier) to Tooting and start clucking! #EarlsfieldMeetsTooting

If you are venturing outside south west, then the Chicken Shop also has locations in Kentish Town, Holburn (newly opened), Whitechapel & Chicago (If you really feel like getting away)

Earlie~Girl gives Chicken Shop 5 *’s!

Now, Let the countdown begin for Xmas!! 🙂

See you around,