Low lie the FIELDS of Rookery Road

So today I made it my mission to finally go up to Clapham Common and try out fields(it wasn’t a mission only a bus ride but hey let’s be dramatic ūüėĚ) 

Located on Rookery Road next to the skating park this little beaut was not what I expected especially from being at the sister cafe Milk! It’s totally random and if I have to admit “shoreditch” but wow everyone wanted to be here and the atmosphere was pretty down to earth and relaxed- no snobs allowed, well you’re allowed but you better behave and chill out! #justsaying  

The front of house guy (*insert name here*) was super friendly and in my case accommodating seeing as I was a party of one. The place was hopping and everyone was putting their names on the 45 minute waiting list (always a good sign)

The good thing was that you could order a coffee and sit on the sidelines while you are waiting, always look on the bright side lads!      

 I got myself a coffee, a flat white to be exact (¬£2.40) which was so good , I definitely haven’t had a good coffee like that in awhile!  

 Quickly chatting to the front of house guy he said this place has been open for just over 18months now and said at this time (springtime) when the weather is getting good is always a tricky time when it comes to staffing and table accommodation! Hence the massive queues and #waitinglistbants – he said as it comes into the summer months the staffing numbers increase and the outside area is doubled in size with tables! So enough about that lets get down to business and showcase the food!

Eggs on Brixton sourdough (¬£5.50) with on the side, smoked salmon (¬£4.00) and smashed avo (¬£3.50)   

   The smashed avocado was literally the best I have ever tasted and I was informed that it was the right blend of lemon and salt which makes its a winning dish! Yummy yummy! Even got me some holy water ūüėĚ – humour is everything!  I would 100% recommend this place the food is out of this world, the staff are really friendly and it’s just something different to try! 

Just remember though it’s only open Friday through to Sunday (9am-5pm) and they don’t take reservations (first come first serve policy)


Stuck in the MUD

This morning I decided to head up to MUD in Tooting Broadway. How did I find this place? I Googled places to brunch around south west because I felt I needed to try more and BOOM! For my Earlsfielders, only a 10 minute bus ride (44,270, 77) or a 20 minute walk.

Finding MUD on a little Google search!
I am getting quite into the habit of saying everywhere I go is my new favorite brunch place, so I will try and refrain this time (but, seriously it’s going to be hard when you see the pictures)

It’s a nice cozy atmosphere with seating for around 30-40 people including the garden area. It was a nice morning, but I didn’t want to sit outside the back as I wanted to soak up the atmosphere inside. 

You know when you go somewhere and from the first step into a place you’re like “Yup, this is it” or “Oh I dunno, but i’ll give it a try” or the extreme of “I hate this place, let’s go”! Well, I got the “Yup, this is it” vibe! The front of house staff were extremely friendly and accommodating to my request to sit inside which came available quite soon after and I ordered a skinny cappuccino straight away and then tucked in to look at the menu ( I purposely didn’t preview before I came here as I wanted to surprise myself – random!)

So I decided to go for the Smashed Avocado. They have about 7 or 8 items on the brunch menu (excluding side options) which in my opinion is a great call – especially now I know what I know in terms of the taste and portions. So anyway as I was saying, I went for the Smashed Avocado and a side of potato cakes (sure, I said why not, it’s Saturday!)

While I was waiting for my food, I was trying to read my book but I couldn’t concentrate, not because it was noisy or anything but because I was just getting too distracted by my surroundings, taking in all of the furnishings from the open brick walls to the exposed copper pipes which gave it a real Williamsburg, NYC feel (coooooooooooooool bro).

When my food arrived I nearly fell off my seat by (a) the presentation and (b) the amount of it that was in front of me! OMG – Look at it like!! #eyesbiggerthanbellymoment

Smashed Avocado on sourdough bread with 2 runny poached eggs, feta cheese, CORIANDER and poppy seeds.  (¬£7.90)

Potato Cakes – I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this and they were only bloody delicious weren’t they! (¬£.200)

I don’t often leave food on my plate, I was that girl that friends mothers loved as I used to eat everything on my plate and I still do, but today I just couldn’t, it was so filling. Now don’t get me wrong, I practically cleared apart from a couple of crusts and 1 potato cake but still like…. it’s me!

When my plate was cleared away, I could barely get the words out of my mouth to say it was amazing because I actually was just so impressed with it. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for too long as I had my own cooking to be doing as I am going to a BBQ later, but trust me I WILL BE BACK, and I will be bringing troops!

Total Bill for 1 person: £12.30 РHOW GOOD IS THAT LIKE?

FYI – I noticed a lot of people come in and get takeaway coffee and pastries, so if you can only drop-in and go, there’s plenty for you to takeaway with you!

Right, back to the kitchen I go!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine







Totally Scoffed It!

It’s officially springtime and back to the routine of “healthy eating” and “healthy living” ….. Come on…..Who has stuck to their new years resolutions anyway? Unless it’s… Have more fun, eat more food!
Catch up required with some of the girls and so, at the recommendation from a friend of a friend… along with “You must get a table under the tree” we booked in for a Brunch date at Scoffers on Battersea Rise in Clapham Junction (only 15 mins on the no. 77 bus from #Earlsfield).
First Impressions: Cosy!
As I was a few minutes early, I thought perfect timing for me to soak up the atmosphere “under the tree” with a very strong (brownie points) skinny cappucino.


This gave me plenty of time to read the menu and the offers……and to change my mind from Avocado Heaven, to Veg. Breakfast to Buttermilk Pancakes to Avocado Heaven to…. Well, you get the picture right? Spoilt for choice! When the girls arrived I had made up my mind and said #FatDay we’re going for the PANCAKES! So the order from our table was as follows:
-Buttermilk Pancakes with bacon & maple syrup x 2 (£8.95 each)
-Eggs Florentine (£9.50)
-Avocado Heaven (£8.95)




It is a fair statement to say that everyone on our table was clearly satisfied with their choices as we all had near to empty plates. I have to admit I couldn’t finish my pancakes but only because… Did you see the size of the portion served up in front of me? #EyesBiggerThanBelly moment!

The bill came to under £60 with optional service charge of 12.5% included which for 4 dishes and 6 beverages, I feel was very reasonable! Definitely happy campers leaving and it is somewhere I will definitely be re-visiting.

Also, something enticing was their “We Love SW11 Neighbours Card” which allows you to redeem some Thursday night offers along with some others including:


Now if that doesn’t convince you to go……. then….well, I just don’t know actually!

Until next time, Carry on Scoffing!


~Earlie Girl

Oh, Take me to the Chicken Shop….

Wow can’t believe it’s been a month since my last #EarlsfieldLiving blog post.. I have to admit though I haven’t been out of the blogging world completely though as I have been doing the NaBloPoMo during the month of November (National Blog Posting Month)
Anyway enough about that, time to move on and tell ya’ll about some chick chick chicken!
About 2 weeks ago I was reading Timeout and Tooting was featured, mainly the Broadway as this seems to be the new up and coming area.. and it highlighted a few of the key favourites, The Castle, Apollo Banana Leaf, Tram and Social…..and hang on wait a minute… Chicken Shop… what’s this?

I must admit, the whole thing with chicken like Nando’s etc. has grown on me over the last year – when I first moved over 3 years ago, I was like what’s the big deal Londoners? But, I must admit, I have fallen victim to the Chicken Craze now!

So, Timeout said…..”You can pick up a classy bird for less than a tenner at the ultra-hip Chicken Shop” ….. Well ok then, if you insist!!

Brinnnnng, Brinnnnnnnnng “Guys, we are going to the Chicken Shop!”

So, I went last night. We got there for 6pm (and I think this was the perfect time to arrive, if I do say so myself)… As when we were leaving at 7.20pm, The place was jointed, as in…. People waiting at the bar with drinks, people standing by the door with drinks.. and people outside, having a snakey cigarette whilst waiting! Now, you can eat at the bar, with a view of the chicken spit roasters, and the heat and atmosphere is great with a bottle of Camden Pale Ale in one’s hand!!

We only had to wait 5 minutes for a table out the back, and this was because I was waiting for my 3 other guests to arrive… once seated, we ordered pretty much straight away (The hosts were very attentive and on the ball with clearing plates and making sure we had everything we needed, but not in an “In your face” kind of way!)

From the suggestion of our host, we ordered:
2 Whole Chicken’s (¬£15 each)
1 side of corn on the cob (£4 each)
1 side of Butter Lettuce and Avocado Salad (£4 each)
3 sides of crinkle cut fries (£4 each)
1 side of Coleslaw (£4 each)

Now, what’s the verdict…. Genuinely… You want my honest answer?

It’s the best chicken I have ever tasted… Now that’s a statement right?

But I am serious, this chicken was just “oooohhhh sooooo goooood”, so tender and the flavour was just uhhhmmmmm hmmmmmm!! They also have accompanying sauces of BBQ and Hot Sauce, which are also so tasty!

Our total bill was just under ¬£80 for 4 persons, including service charge and 4 alcoholic beverages! ¬£20 each, you can’t complain!!

So, Earlsfielders, if you haven’t tried it out then get up (I recommend around the 6pm mark as highlighted earlier) to Tooting and start clucking! #EarlsfieldMeetsTooting

If you are venturing outside south west, then the Chicken Shop also has locations in Kentish Town, Holburn (newly opened), Whitechapel & Chicago (If you really feel like getting away)

Earlie~Girl gives Chicken Shop 5 *’s!

Now, Let the countdown begin for Xmas!! ūüôā

See you around,


Annyeonghaseyo Cah-Chi

I’ve been away for a few weeks and so feeling like I haven’t blogged in forever, made it my mission to get something into the diary. With one of our friends just moving to Earlsfield (powers of persuasion) we decided to grab some dinner (like popping into sainbos for a sambo we can just grab dinner on the high street…… Just like that!) without making a night out of planning intensively!!

I’ve never tried Korean food before and I didn’t know what to expect but I had heard from a number of locals that it was amazing… And I have to admit from the moment we walked in until our departure it was like we were royalty…(ok I am exaggerating slighttly, but still…)

So of course we had to get a bottle of wine ūüėá and what I hadn’t realised was that it is BYOB so that’s a bonus for the next time!

The menu has a wide selection of interesting dishes from rice, noodle, soup and stew dishes to the BBQ. The BBQ menu is what the restaurant prides itself on and each table is set up to accommodate this. You choose your meat (On this occasion it was duck and pork belly) and then the next thing your server transforms the table into your a mini kitchen but you aren’t cooking (obviously)

While we were drooling over the menu (not literally now, come on), trying to decide what to get, our server came over with some complimentary dishes (Nice touch), which included sticky soy beans, boiled egg yolk in soy sauce and spicy courgette and red pepper… Random selection but Yummy flavors!


After some “ummming” and “ahhhing” decisions were finalized…From the menu we had:

Kan-poong-gi – sweet and sour pork Korean style
Moon-o-ball – octopus ball with teriyaki sauce
Goul twi-gim – deep fried fresh oyster served with thick soy sauce


Mains from the BBQ:

Sam-gyub-sal – grilled pork belly served with sesame oil and salt
Ju-mul-luk – tenderloin marinated in sesame oil and garlic


Mi-yeok salad – wet seaweed salad with spicy lime dressing
Sang-chu and pa-sengs-che – fresh lettuce and seasonal spring onion served with misp paste
Bab – steamed rice


The girls got the BBQ and I opted for a couple of starters including the wet seaweed salad, octopus balls and deep fried oysters (obviously I was craving the ocean last Saturday night). I have to admit the octopus balls (don’t worry it was just the shape of how they were served) were a bit weird on the taste… I still don’t know whether I liked them or not… But everything else was spot on!

The Service:
They have it down to a tee in there. When you arrive you are served with wet towls to freshen up… the magic in it being they come out looking like mints and then they pour water into which they expand ( like a magic trick – “I’ve got the magic in me”)
I was asking what everything was (so I would have it all for the blog) and they were happy out explaining everything. ūüĎć
On our departure they walked us to the door and gave us “Call again now” mints (Kate and Wills have nothing on us Earlsfieldersūüėú)


The overall bill came to 25 quid each, this was including our alcoholic beverages. For the BYO, there is a one-off charge of 4 quid. Will I go back there? Hell Yes!!!

Before you ask, the website is maintained but you can find menu’s online… if you are curious like.

~Earlie Girl

Say Who? Say What? … The Earlsfield

The new kids on the block have arrived and damaging for me………. Wait for it…. they are located right across the street from me.¬†(Will power to stay away¬†from the¬†pinot grigio has completely gone out the window, literally) Anyway, The Earlsfield opened up to the lovely public on Wednesday, 17th September¬†after months of rumors, humming and hawwing and just the standard living of Earlsfield curiosity. What’s more exciting ¬†is that they are run by Cattle Grid owners. SCORE.¬†JOB. WOOHOO.
I was fully certain that I would not be tempted to pop over before I headed away on my holidays (today) but¬†OH NO,¬† the first night of opening up to the public and at around 10pm I practically jumped out of my window…. That would have been a funny sight! I just couldn’t resist it any longer and darted over with a friend for a nose and obviously a glass of wine. Sure it was Wine Wednesday after all. And how glad¬†I am I went as¬†I was super impressed.. I hope nobody noticed but I was wandering around like a little kid in Hamleys! I love the fact that it has 3 dimensions to the whole earlsfield experience – So in my opinion, ¬†we’ve got the¬†Quiet zone, (calm neutral colours), the¬†Happening¬†¬†zone (main bar, lots of space, good view of the kitchen) and the¬†Travelling zone (which connects on to view of Earlsfield railway station and is the main eating area).

It was lovely taking in all the surroundings and the bar staff seemed nice and friendly….. Ok, Book us a table for the following night then :). We had a birds eye view of the kitchen and the food that was coming out just looked absolutely mouth watering.

Fast forward 24 hours and I am back in same place… treating myself to.. What was that?..another glass of Pinot Grigio (Oh screw it, I am nearly on my holidays) and this time we are indulging the food menu too. OH MY DELICIOUSLY GOD……….Ok so here is what we had between 3 of us:
Starter: Vegetable Samosa

Main Courses: Tuna Nicoise, Crispy 5 spice belly of lamb (both salads) and half rack of ribs




Desserts: Sticky Toffee Pudding and Spit roasted caramelised pineapple pavlova 
br />


Seriously, I hadnt been this food happy in months – it was absolutely scrumptious! Even on their second night of service, it was pretty
much flawless, you can tell there is a system already in place. Staff were lovely and atmostphere was so relaxing and I have to admit, pretty reasonable prices for top quality food with a twist! We stayed until close as the atmosphere was so relaxing and we were nattering away! I am definitely coming back to celebrate my very late birthday…Any excuse eh?
But for now, I’ve got to catch a flight, off to the station.. Which way Earlie~Girl?


Earlsfield Deli-cious Coffee

Having published my previous blog post on coffee mania from the Earlsfield high street I thought that I was finally all coffee’d out but ohhhh no, that didn’t seem to be the case because a few days later I received a message from the owner of Earlsfield Deli inviting me down to try out some of their coffee styles from Nude Expresso so last Thursday I popped in on my way home from work and met John, a self proclaimed coffee geek.


So here’s me thinking I know about coffee, I totally don’t, well I didn’t, I kind of do now thanks to John sharing his knowledge with me.


So with the classic expresso shot (East) for example which is used in the deli for the expresso base for all coffees the shots are weighed out to be about 16g (I could have totally made this up) which gets the most out of the flavour and the process goes as follows:

1. Rinse the portafilter and fill up with ground coffee bean from machine
2. Press the coffee down using a tamper and remove any excess from the edges using a brush
3. Under the the range it goes for dispensing.

John explained that coffee is brewed best from machine when water is 90degrees.. And did you know…. When the expresso is poured, technically it starts to break after 30 seconds.

We also looked at making flat whites and cappuccinos and I learned that with heating milk you should never heat over 65degrees and it shouldn’t be foamy foamy, it should be silky, this type of process is called micro-foam.




These coffee art styles are known as the tulip and when making the cappuccino you put the chocolate in before the milk which flavours it much better (gooooood idea) and finally here’s my shoddy attempt at a flat white (I’m still giggling at how bad it is)


It was a really insightful lesson, not only did I learn about the difference between a good coffee bean and a not so good coffee bean (again everyone has different preferences) but also I was introduced to a new way of drinking coffee (and ideal for summer months..Mmmm refreshing)


For all those coffee addicts out there, it’s like this… You’re craving a coffee (all those late nights taking advantage of the beer gardens) but it’s just too humid for that flat white…well then let’s have a little chat (overheard on the highstreet) V60 a Japanese manufactured product is coming at you with a bang and while we have been lucky with the weather you might want to take a look. So, similar to the Japanese style of making tea but for coffee, the apparatus (who knew coffee was so scientific) allows the aromas to intensify through the filter paper.


It comes out nearly looking like tea (and if you haven’t seen it go through the process) then you may not appreciate it but WOW does it taste good. I was actually so surprised at how refreshing it was, it went from yes this is a coffee taste to what’s that? Jasmine…

Firstly we tried V60 specific nude blends of Ethopia Wote and Brazil Chapadao De Ferro which gave flavours of Jasmine, tea rose and lemon for the Wote blend and an almost caramel flavour from the Chapadao De Ferro blend. I have to admit I preferred the Wote but that’s only because I am a fan of Jasmine tea and so combining it with coffee is just unreal. Who knew hey?

We did all the coffee tasting of Nude Expresso with a comparison blend of LaVassa coffee and I’m sorry LaVassa, Nude Expresso won hands down. I can appreciate though that everyone has different taste buds and some people prefer a bitter taste and others a smooth taste so always going to be difference in opinions based of preference.


I think now I can say I am all coffee’d but great coffee tasting and thanks to John for taking the time out share his knowledge with me. John mentioned that he’s looking to start pushing forward and plans on introducing coffee tasting classes in Earlsfield Deli so if you have an interest in learning more about the blends I would highly recommend…. It’s something different anyway!

Until next time..


I’m King of …The Castle

#EarlsfieldMeetsTooting. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the weekend and especially when you are saying tarraaaa to a bank holiday weekend so it’s easier to stay in denial for as long as you can that day. I followed through on this with a trip up to The Castle in Tooting Broadway to meet some friends who came over from East Dulwich (notice how I am dragging people from all corners of London exposing the EarlsfieldLiving element) These friends however are well aware of the Earlsfield gems having lived here for 3 years previously but with the newly refurbished Castle, it was a great opportunity to check it out for the food and catch up.

I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night for some beer garden beveragesssss and it was open just under a month at that stage, 2 weeks does make a difference though as I can see more structure to the service already. I was a little cheeky and googled some reviews and there were a few which pointed out the amount of time waiting to get served. I too noticed this the night that I went for drinks but I think they have since rota’d more staff on shifts to close out that gap. It is such a great place it would be a shame to see it lose customers based on something which can so easily be fixed.

Anyway when we arrived we grabbed a seat front of house, some lovely cozy couches (to the point of getting comfty with the shoes off) and started on the varied menu (what to get????) oh the decisions!

The Bloody Mary want was still floating around in me but decided to get one without the vodka (being good like) or as Ben’s Canteen likes to call them Bloody Pointless ( an alcohol free Bloody Mary). Love it!

So our final selection from the foodie corner consisted of The Castle cheese board (¬£7.50), the aged rare beef (¬£7.50), the baked rosemary and garlic “come on bear” Camembert (¬£7.50), British chicken terrine (¬£5.50) and the crunchy vegetable soup (¬£5)

I found the food interesting, lots of different flavour combinations going on which is brave but it works! The Camembert was yum yum yummilicious. The only thing that wasn’t up to scratch was the soup, unfortunately one of the girls said it was just a little too salty and ruined the flavour (she couldn’t finish it, well she only had like two soup spoons full so it was more like she couldn’t even start it) besides from that everything was goooooood.

It was a nice chill out spot and we hung around for awhile after with a glass of wine and chatted (while it was lashing rain outside) all we needed was the fire……

Noted: Loving the checked shirt style uniforms which are all different but you know it’s castle brand…. Relaxed and fun!

Even if it’s just for a quick drink it’s definitely worth checking it out especially the beer garden (but make sure you get a nice warm day for that)


Reeling in the Y-ear(l)sfield

I often think about how names come about…. even our names, so¬†if you ever hear me stretching out a name a bit too much, that’s probably what I am doing!

Earlsfield, where did the name come from? The field of the Earl… No I am¬†just messing, ¬†it’s actually a little less historic but still interesting. Now before you start reading anymore, I am just going to¬†clarify that ¬†I am no historian but I just thought a summary of the earl-story would be good, even if it’s just for me.

So apparently Earlsfield received it’s name based on a sales agreement with the Davis Family. How so? They sold the site to London and Southern Western railway in 1884 for the building¬†out of the railway station and one of the conditions of sale was that the station be named after their residence “Earlsfield” and that’s how Earlsfield station got it’s name and from that the area….. Well helloooooo there Earlsfield!

I found these pictures online and then went out this morning (looking a bit sketchy I would imagine) trying to find the locations of these photos- here’s my portrait of Earlsfield Then and Now…

First stop Swaby Road… A few families packing their car boots, setting off for the bank holiday weekend… and me standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of…. A road!



¬†I walked down Swaby Road and made my way over to Earlsfield Road….


And then up to the high street to¬†capture Earlsfield¬†station and ¬†Garratt Lane. (it’s not exactly the most fascinating of pictures to take, so I felt a lot like those tourists that take photos of absolutely everything – “Oh my god this is the spoon I used to stir¬†the sugar into my coffee” #OMG – let me take a photo!


Last but not least, I made my way home past the Leather Bottle and managed to get a couple of pictures to resemble the historic photos! The location of the Leather Bottle was once before known as the “old Garratt Lane village”, the heart of the town and in some ways you can say that it still is with its #bestbeergardeninlondon status!


So there you have it, all in a little nutshell – ¬†“Earlsfield Then and Now…”

……and here’s to¬†enjoying the¬†“Now”