Shake It!! 

Closest station is Tooting Bec but it’s also a nice walk up from Tooting Broadway if you are in the area! A friend told me about this new joint a couple of months back and I said I had to try it for the taste test. I’m not even much of a burger fan usually but seems to be a bit of a craving at the moment! 

Meat and Shake

I literally just popped in for a plain Jane burger and a strawberry milkshake (typical American diner order there for you like)  

 it was a nice burger but nothing really to write home about. There is a place across the road from where I live which does a nicer one so wouldn’t be making the trip especially! (Sorry) 

I’m glad I tried it out though as it was on my eateries list to tick off! And as always my motto is you gotta try it for yourself to make your own mind up! 


Stuck in the MUD

This morning I decided to head up to MUD in Tooting Broadway. How did I find this place? I Googled places to brunch around south west because I felt I needed to try more and BOOM! For my Earlsfielders, only a 10 minute bus ride (44,270, 77) or a 20 minute walk.

Finding MUD on a little Google search!
I am getting quite into the habit of saying everywhere I go is my new favorite brunch place, so I will try and refrain this time (but, seriously it’s going to be hard when you see the pictures)

It’s a nice cozy atmosphere with seating for around 30-40 people including the garden area. It was a nice morning, but I didn’t want to sit outside the back as I wanted to soak up the atmosphere inside. 

You know when you go somewhere and from the first step into a place you’re like “Yup, this is it” or “Oh I dunno, but i’ll give it a try” or the extreme of “I hate this place, let’s go”! Well, I got the “Yup, this is it” vibe! The front of house staff were extremely friendly and accommodating to my request to sit inside which came available quite soon after and I ordered a skinny cappuccino straight away and then tucked in to look at the menu ( I purposely didn’t preview before I came here as I wanted to surprise myself – random!)

So I decided to go for the Smashed Avocado. They have about 7 or 8 items on the brunch menu (excluding side options) which in my opinion is a great call – especially now I know what I know in terms of the taste and portions. So anyway as I was saying, I went for the Smashed Avocado and a side of potato cakes (sure, I said why not, it’s Saturday!)

While I was waiting for my food, I was trying to read my book but I couldn’t concentrate, not because it was noisy or anything but because I was just getting too distracted by my surroundings, taking in all of the furnishings from the open brick walls to the exposed copper pipes which gave it a real Williamsburg, NYC feel (coooooooooooooool bro).

When my food arrived I nearly fell off my seat by (a) the presentation and (b) the amount of it that was in front of me! OMG – Look at it like!! #eyesbiggerthanbellymoment

Smashed Avocado on sourdough bread with 2 runny poached eggs, feta cheese, CORIANDER and poppy seeds.  (£7.90)

Potato Cakes – I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this and they were only bloody delicious weren’t they! (£.200)

I don’t often leave food on my plate, I was that girl that friends mothers loved as I used to eat everything on my plate and I still do, but today I just couldn’t, it was so filling. Now don’t get me wrong, I practically cleared apart from a couple of crusts and 1 potato cake but still like…. it’s me!

When my plate was cleared away, I could barely get the words out of my mouth to say it was amazing because I actually was just so impressed with it. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for too long as I had my own cooking to be doing as I am going to a BBQ later, but trust me I WILL BE BACK, and I will be bringing troops!

Total Bill for 1 person: £12.30 – HOW GOOD IS THAT LIKE?

FYI – I noticed a lot of people come in and get takeaway coffee and pastries, so if you can only drop-in and go, there’s plenty for you to takeaway with you!

Right, back to the kitchen I go!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine







Dare I say…. South West Meets West?

I have a confession………… I cheated on Earlsfield this weekend… #facepalm! 🙈 I know I know… I was meeting a friend who lives in the EAST SIDE 🙅 and we compromised on West, as we planned an outing to the Museum of Branding, Packaging and Advertising in Notting Hill (W11). We decided to lunch at Nama, a vegan restaurant in a lovely little area within Notting Hill territory! Now, Myself and MVA are not Vegans by any means but we are massive foodies, and the whole concept of tasting the flavours of raw food enticed us… so upon us the #RawFoodLiving we embarked.. 20141026-172312-62592006.jpg

I am not going to lie, it took us a good half an hour to decide on what we would try and in the end because we wanted everything we decided to get 3 dishes and share. Seaweed Salad (£9) , Sushi Platter (12.50) and Zucchini Pasta (£11) along with an almond milk cappuccino and a green juice for myself.

Seaweed Salad: Wakame and dulse seaweed salad with miso dressing.


Sushi Platter: Kohlrabi ‘rice’ , ‘roasted’ asian mushrooms, peashoots, carrots, spinach, cucumber and avocado, rolled in nori sheet (seaweed), served with a sesame dipping sauce and salad.



Zucchini Pasta: spiralised zucchini noodles, served with a Pomodoro sauce, sun dried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, caramelised onions and olives.


It looks yummy doesn’t it? Well I can confirm, it tasted as yummy as it looked. The seaweed salad being my fav. Even a couple of girls sitting alongside side of us butted in to ask what it was, (The seaweed salad) so they could order it…. and order it, they did!

When we asked for the bill, it arrived and we noticed that it specified if you downloaded the app Zapper you would get £5 off your first bill and so we did exactly that…. If you don’t have the app, download it now, it’s actually pretty cool – you add your card details and electronically send payment without using card machine. You can also split the payment. Really cool – Check it out!

Nama foods also offers raw food cooking/prep courses so it’s something to look at if you are interested in the whole vegan sector. Even if you aren’t a vegan like myself, it’s a good experience to trick your brain into thinking you are eating CHO like the Zucchini pasta etc.

Back to #EarlsfieldLiving now, but remember lets keep it green!!


~Earlie Girl

Reeling in the Y-ear(l)sfield

I often think about how names come about…. even our names, so if you ever hear me stretching out a name a bit too much, that’s probably what I am doing!

Earlsfield, where did the name come from? The field of the Earl… No I am just messing,  it’s actually a little less historic but still interesting. Now before you start reading anymore, I am just going to clarify that  I am no historian but I just thought a summary of the earl-story would be good, even if it’s just for me.

So apparently Earlsfield received it’s name based on a sales agreement with the Davis Family. How so? They sold the site to London and Southern Western railway in 1884 for the building out of the railway station and one of the conditions of sale was that the station be named after their residence “Earlsfield” and that’s how Earlsfield station got it’s name and from that the area….. Well helloooooo there Earlsfield!

I found these pictures online and then went out this morning (looking a bit sketchy I would imagine) trying to find the locations of these photos- here’s my portrait of Earlsfield Then and Now…

First stop Swaby Road… A few families packing their car boots, setting off for the bank holiday weekend… and me standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of…. A road!



 I walked down Swaby Road and made my way over to Earlsfield Road….


And then up to the high street to capture Earlsfield station and  Garratt Lane. (it’s not exactly the most fascinating of pictures to take, so I felt a lot like those tourists that take photos of absolutely everything – “Oh my god this is the spoon I used to stir the sugar into my coffee” #OMG – let me take a photo!


Last but not least, I made my way home past the Leather Bottle and managed to get a couple of pictures to resemble the historic photos! The location of the Leather Bottle was once before known as the “old Garratt Lane village”, the heart of the town and in some ways you can say that it still is with its #bestbeergardeninlondon status!


So there you have it, all in a little nutshell –  “Earlsfield Then and Now…”

……and here’s to enjoying the “Now”


Foxie Roxie

I walk past Roxie every evening as I  make my way home through Garratt Lane. For the first few months of living in Earlsfield I would walk pass and glance in, always thinking “you know that does looks good” but never actually put it on my “to do list” (yes I do have one) until it was recommended by someone as “really good”. So of course… What does one do? Arrange a dinner there of course and WOW did it live up to expectations….and more!

Roxie sums up their service....

For me, Roxie is one of those places that you go to over and over again and it just gets better and better each time! This weekend, I managed to twist the arm of one of my friend’s who is currently living the North London lifestyle, by dangling Roxie in her face (well through text) and of course she jumped at the idea! (She’s a foodie too). I just LOVE it when a plan falls into place so easily (punches the air)

Ok, ok… so it’s now been the 4th time I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Roxie’s and it definitely won’t be the last but I’ll just give you a quick run down of our dining experience this Saturday just gone by! You’ve heard of Hawksmoor and Gaucho right?… Great steak places they say? Expensive steak places I say… now I am not name dropping here but yes, I have been to both of these steak places and when you put price and quality on the table ROXIE wins hands down… there is just no comparison! (sorry H&G)

I’ve always gone for the fillet standard (Roxie’s favorite apparently) which comes in at £13.95. I went for RARE (oooohh sooo goood) and Roxie gets it right every time. I can be quite fussy when it comes to my steak (not medium rare but rare is the only way for me!) so it’s good when you know they know how to cook your steak jusssstttt the way you like 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 The steaks are served with a side salad and then sides/sauces are optional extras. This time I opted for the Bearnaise sauce (£2.25.) and for a side of green beans (£3.25.) Excluding drinks this is a total of £19.45 for an outstanding steak in Earlsfield (right on your door step….. what more could you ask for?)

Now, although you may think I am being biased here (and I kind of am because I do love it) I am not the only one who thinks that Roxie is the “place to be seen” because I dare you to walk in there “off the street” especially  on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday and guaranteed that you will be turned away…… this is not because they want to but usually the place is fully booked out. So I  would recommend giving them a shout a few days before (or like me, call in on your way home from work)They offer slots of 1.5 hours, which is plenty of time to accommodate for your food (which is speedy) and drinks (which are also speedy).

I am not too sure about the next statement I am about to make, but I reckon the new branch of Roxie opened up in Putney about 2months ago (it could be more, but you know how fast this year is going already, it is just too hard to keep track of). I haven’t eaten there YET but I have walked past and peeked in – it appears to offer more space with a long table in the middle of the floor plan.

How lucky are Put-onians to be exposed to a bit of #EarlsfieldLiving right?

If you haven’t been to Roxie yet, get on it……. Even if it is to try and prove me wrong, but I guarantee you will be a happy camper leaving.

Until next week……


May Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend, we had a taste of the (hopefully) summer weather we will be enjoying over the next few months in London – It was perfect for those sun worshipers to bask in the sun however for me , a beer garden enthusiast it was a great excuse to go for a “quick one down the local”. Along with the sunshine, and bright bright skies however it also highlighted the dire state of our house… dust everywhere…. so a spring (summer) clean was on the to-do list before the fun began.
We had friends over from Ireland this weekend and although there were sushi dinners and fine cocktail dining across London, there was still plenty of time to enjoy the good weather (and shops) in Earlsfield.

On Saturday, I met some friends in the Leather Bottle for a cheeky drink. As we walked around to the back we saw how busy the beer garden was (this is always a good sign right?)

2014-05-03 16.27.59

I am not sure if its a new thing/summer thing but they have opened Toms bar and BBQ in the garden and so yummy aromas drifted in our direction.  Immediately my friends were like “Right we’re getting food” – it did look yum! The staff in the outside area were lovely and helpful and although you had to pay and go on the spot, it wasn’t that disruptive! I thought a nice touch to the garden was that a) it is definitely child friendly (lots of groups of friends with their families, it seemed) and b) it’s dog friendly – Look at the doggie corner (I just had to take a picture)

Dogs Corner @ Leather Bottle

After a late night on Saturday, I dragged my housemate down to La Pernella on Garratt Lane for breakfast. What I found out from google translate is that La Pernella (Pernelle) translates to rock/stone.

A glimpse of what is on the menu..
A glimpse of what is on the menu..

I can confirm this place is definitely rock solid when it comes to serving up a great coffee and really nice food. It is run by an Italian family and you are always greeted with a smile. The food is cheap as chips (Poached eggs on toast is only  £2.50) too which is always good for those strapped for cash. It’s not just breakfast either, you can order some lovely pastas and sandwiches if you aren’t feeling the fry-up vibe…

Poached Eggs for only 2.50. Side of grilled tomatoes.

I have been here plenty of times already and I have not been disappointed to date. You’ll even see the local policemen eating their frys around 7am while on the way to the station in the mornings (Thumbs up)

2014-05-04 11.21.52

With full bellies, We took to the high street for some browsing; I was on the search for a vase (Yes, i know its criminal not having a vase) and found an absolute bargain in one of the charity shops for only £1.75…. So I obviously had to buy some flowers to test the waters 🙂

My new vase

Bunka was across the road so I thought it would be rude not popping in for a little wander. I always seem to lose control in this little gem of a place; it has everything from clothing to water bottles, children’s toys and Art. At the moment owls are a big feature in there (something which I am quite obsessed with at the moment). Everytime I pop in there the girls are always so friendly and chat away casually (it’s nice to be nice as they say) and its a nice little touch because you want to go back to those places. So, I treated myself to a really cool coral scarf  coming in at £19.99 (which goes perfectly with a cardigan I bought 2 weeks ago so “GOOD JOB”

Bunka Styling Earlsfield Residents

The Halfway House came to our rescue on bank holiday Monday as there were a few sore heads in the house. I’ve popped in here a few times now but I have never sat down to eat. It was quiet enough (which was a bonus for us). We just wanted somewhere to chill. The guy behind the bar is extremely friendly (again always nice to see) and we feasted on burgers and sharing plates. The sharing plates are £5 per item so recommended to get 4 items between 2 people. It was good quality food, especially the nachos (my guilty pleasure). They also were advertising a gin cocktail making competition which they are running at the moment (for all those gin lovers out there). All you need to do is fill out your details and pop it into the box by the bar for a chance to win a cocktail making session for you and 5 of  your friends (of course I did enter, don’t be silly :))

Sharing plates at Halfway House

We decided to quickly pop down to our other lovely local, The Wandle for a quick Gin and Tonic to wrap up and wind down from the bank holiday weekend but also to have a nose in the beer garden (they removed the outside/inside area so it is now all exposed). Baring in mind this probably happens every year but for me this is my first summer in Earlsfield (so I am still learning). I approve anyway, completely transforms the place and makes it EVEN better. Everyone loves a good session in The Wandle 😉

Gin and Tonics in The Wandle..

This blogging thing is so new to me that I don’t know which direction I am heading in but I am just going to go with the flow and see how it evolves (or evaporates).

Until next time, Have a “earlie” good week! 🙂