I’m King of …The Castle

#EarlsfieldMeetsTooting. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the weekend and especially when you are saying tarraaaa to a bank holiday weekend so it’s easier to stay in denial for as long as you can that day. I followed through on this with a trip up to The Castle in Tooting Broadway to meet some friends who came over from East Dulwich (notice how I am dragging people from all corners of London exposing the EarlsfieldLiving element) These friends however are well aware of the Earlsfield gems having lived here for 3 years previously but with the newly refurbished Castle, it was a great opportunity to check it out for the food and catch up.

I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night for some beer garden beveragesssss and it was open just under a month at that stage, 2 weeks does make a difference though as I can see more structure to the service already. I was a little cheeky and googled some reviews and there were a few which pointed out the amount of time waiting to get served. I too noticed this the night that I went for drinks but I think they have since rota’d more staff on shifts to close out that gap. It is such a great place it would be a shame to see it lose customers based on something which can so easily be fixed.

Anyway when we arrived we grabbed a seat front of house, some lovely cozy couches (to the point of getting comfty with the shoes off) and started on the varied menu (what to get????) oh the decisions!

The Bloody Mary want was still floating around in me but decided to get one without the vodka (being good like) or as Ben’s Canteen likes to call them Bloody Pointless ( an alcohol free Bloody Mary). Love it!

So our final selection from the foodie corner consisted of The Castle cheese board (£7.50), the aged rare beef (£7.50), the baked rosemary and garlic “come on bear” Camembert (£7.50), British chicken terrine (£5.50) and the crunchy vegetable soup (£5)

I found the food interesting, lots of different flavour combinations going on which is brave but it works! The Camembert was yum yum yummilicious. The only thing that wasn’t up to scratch was the soup, unfortunately one of the girls said it was just a little too salty and ruined the flavour (she couldn’t finish it, well she only had like two soup spoons full so it was more like she couldn’t even start it) besides from that everything was goooooood.

It was a nice chill out spot and we hung around for awhile after with a glass of wine and chatted (while it was lashing rain outside) all we needed was the fire……

Noted: Loving the checked shirt style uniforms which are all different but you know it’s castle brand…. Relaxed and fun!

Even if it’s just for a quick drink it’s definitely worth checking it out especially the beer garden (but make sure you get a nice warm day for that)