Fade Street Social

You know when it’s getting to mid-week point and you are starting to “fade” well to be a bit more “social” I decided to do a mid week dinner to mark a friends belated birthday and so went to my faithful “eateries to do list in Dublin” and made an executive decision of a Fade Street Social booking.

Something new, something different and something central.

Fade Street Social by Dylan McGrath offers the Gastro Bar, the Restaurant and the Tapas Bar (which is a very smart move… why? because you have to go back and try the other two right?).

My first impression was “WOW, This is MASSIVE” and rightly so, finding out afterwards it setting is in a 8,000 sq. ft. space.  This time round, we booked into The Restaurant (yes, I will be going back) and was pleasantly surprised at how busy it was for a Wednesday evening.. (I must have got the memo this week) but can’t complain because it’s always a good sign.

No messing about, just a quick dinner .. you know yourself.. WINTER IS COMING.. it’s all about the cups of tea, pjs and hot water bottles so the order matched our hearty winter appetites of lamb, rabbit and a sirloin steak.

Wicklow Lamb (€27)

The Wicklow lamb came rump style and was basted in barley and thyme. Ordered a side of “spuds” (€5) (creamy mashed potatoes) to soak up the jus

Da Rabbit (€24)

The rabbit leg was braised with a white wine sauce served with smoked bacon tarragon and onion, this dish came with the spuds, delish!

Wexford Sirloin (€32)

The steak was cooked medium/rare and came with hazelnut beurre noisette and chervil .. of course what do you get with a steak, big fat chunky chips (€6) (OBVS)

The Restaurant was full of “natter, natter, natter” which I love when dining out, it reminds me of NYC feels. At one point, I couldn’t help but nearly involve myself at another table because I spotted pizza type dishes, and they looked delicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was drooling on the spot, at that exact moment. (Again, I reiterate, I will be going back!)

The staff were really friendly and came up enough times not to be annoying, the right amount of service-balance. When I made the booking I had mentioned it was for a birthday and without any hint, hint, nudge, nudge… sure didn’t they organize a little “Happy Birthday” dessert for my friend which really topped the icing on the cake, and sure he was only delighted with life, haha!

The only thing which I noticed, and this is me being very picky now, was on our drinks order. From the time we ordered, to when we received, it was about 20-25mins (at, which point I had forgotten I had ordered a drink) so that’s the only thing, but it won’t be stopping me from going back.

Great food, great staff, great vibes

Verdict: Earlie-IMPRESSED

Now, I am craving more winter foods!!!



The Lodge

Winter is definitely and truly here with the Christmas trees, lights and markets appearing, but least not forget the pop-ups!
We seem to have cabin fever this year with a number of cabin/lodge themed bars, restaurants popping up to say Hello and no better than our truly beloved Timeout to give us the low-down of what is happening in town, and more importantly for me, what is happening in south-west London.
So this week on Timeout, there was a section on “Peak Pop-Ups” and The Lodge was featured in the Alpine Pop-Ups!
Not actually realising that one of my friends had tried to make a booking for our secret santa party, (party of 12) back in October, I mentioned to my group of friends that I was going to pop along for a “sconce” to see what it was like. Being reminded that it was fully booked out up until Christmas, I decided to chance my arm and hope for a booking for two. Luck was on my side, and I managed to get a cancellation booking for Friday, 5th of December. AMAZING!
So, off we went on Friday, to try out Balham’s little winter wonderland. Unfortunately, due to Christmas-Lb-Awareness, I couldn’t go for full hog, starter, main course, dessert, cocktails etc. We did however indulge in the Deep South Egg Nogg (A naughty yet nice rich Egg Nogg laced with old Forrester Bourbon, Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur and cardamom)

The menu was so tempting and I saw the fondues and various other dishes come out which looked so enticing, especially the Curried Parsnip and Pear Soup served with Mini Bhajis and Crusty Bread (£6.50)
On our Health-Kick mentality… come on… It is after all only 19 days until Christmas like, We went with:
1 x Scallops with Carrot Puree, Maple Pancetta, Hazelnut Crumb, Truffle & Beetroot (£8)

2 x Neal Yards Cheese Board served with celery and grape chutney (£8)

The Lodge itself is very small, cozy is how you would describe it, which replicates the cabin feel so I can see why they are fully booked out until Christmas (But fear not, as the pop-up will be around until early February so there is plenty of time to get your hands on some Neal’s Yard Cheese)

The decor is authentic cabin decor, with old school ski’s hanging from the wall’s and ice-skating boots cleverly decorating the ceiling lights.

As for the staff, they were very welcoming, smiling all the time and handled the endless amount of walk-ins (which were all turned away) with good manner.
A party of around 10 were sitting by our table allowed me to nose in on the dishes they were ordering and the Fondue looked amazing along with the ice-cream dessert (seriously bringing back childhood memories) with a little sweet shop type help yourself brought along to the tables. (FOOD ENVY)
After a few more Gin & Tonics and Cozy Chats, we asked for the bill which came to a Total of £54.00 which was very reasonable in my eyes as mentioned before we had 1 Starter, 2 Cheeseboards and 6 alcoholic beverages.

Definitely worth a visit if you like cheese and cozy atmospheres but would recommend getting your booking in NOW if you want to get a table before February.

It’s been “Lodged” in my mind now!